Assignors & NCLL 2014 Rules of Play
All NCLL Conferences have their own assignor. Please contact the NCLL at to verify your conference NCLL authorized assignor. All members are required to use the NCLL assignors for league competition. Assignors are contracted through the NCLL and any discrepancies must be reported within 48 hours of contest result. The NCLL uses NCAA modified rules for league play and while similar, the NCLL rules are in some ways substantially different. It is recommended that each team consult with the Referee before each game to verify current NCLL rules of play. The NCLL has will approve the 2015 rules for competition on January 25, 2015.


The following are exceptions to the 2014 NCAA Rules of Play which can be found here:

Game Length    Four 20 minute running periods with last 3:00 minutes stop/start. Penalty time is stop/start. Timeouts stop game clock. The leading team in possession of the ball at end of game has 30 seconds to get it in and keep it in if under 2:00 minutes to go in the 4th quarter.


Uniforms          Teams do not have to have matching gloves and helmets.

Balls                   Must be NOCSAE approved and/or have manufacturers label.

Field                   The field should be as provided for NCAA play. (110 Yards by 60 Yards)

However, fields 110 yards by 53 1/3 yards are legal.  With consent of both teams, smaller fields may be used (for example 100 yards by 50 yards). If a smaller field is used, it is suggested that the reduce space be taken from the midfield area and/or the alleys, so that the attack/defensive areas are the normal size. Lines should be consistent with NCAA Rules except that the special substitution/table area may be 10 Yards (5 yards on both sides of the midfield line, instead of the 2013 NCAA 20 Yards). Cones and/or pylons are strongly suggested. The 4 inch square at center of the field is suggested, but not required.

Crosses             Crosses shall be as in the NCAA Rules (stick head at least 6 inches wide).

However the graduated head widths (2010 rules) and the 2013 rule with respect to shooting strings, single sidewall rule, the restrictions on tape on sticks and the required tape on shaft on sticks used for face offs is not enforced. Only five long crosses may be in the game, not counting the goalie’s crosse. In a stick check, all sticks must be the NCAA length and stick head minimum of 6 inches wide at the top. The ball must not be hindered in the vertical test nor the top of the ball be seen in the horizontal test.)

Equipment to be worn  In accordance with NCAA Rules:

This includes arm pads, gloves, NOCSAE helmets and mouth guards. Shoulder pads, rib pads and protective cups are recommended, but not required. Goalies not required to wear arm pads or shoulder pads, but must wear all other equipment required for goalies including throat protections and chest protectors.

Penalties           NCAA Penalty Rules apply except as changed in these rules. 

Goalies need not serve their own penalties unless a severe personal foul of two minutes or greater OR an unsportsmanlike conduct is assessed.  The in-home player shall serve the goalies penalties except in the situations described.


In absence of said exceptions, all NCAA rules apply.