2014-2015 NCLL Official Paperwork for all participating programs.


2014 Fall Brawl Team Guide & Schedule
The 25th Fall Brawl will be held on Saturday October 11 at the University of Maryland located in College Park, Maryland.
Team Calendar Form
NCLL team calendar form is designed to assist team officers with upcoming deadlines and key dates of 2015 official spring season.
New Team Application
All prospective teams are required to submit a new team application form for admission. Upon submission of new team application and non-refundable fee of $350, the NCLL will schedule a campus visit during September and discuss procedures for conferen
New Team Invoice with registration fee and annual dues
New Team Application Fee Only
Fall Brawl invoice
For all teams seeking to register for the 24th Annual Fall Brawl hosted by UMD-College Park on Saturday October 11. All teams are required to email or call NCLL to verify registration and availability. Form and payment must be received before registr
Meeting Agenda
NCLL base information for upcoming conference meetings. All meetings are mandatory for participating programs (one person per team minimum in attendance) as conferences votes on rules, new members and other agenda items.
NCLL Invoice for re-activation
Schedule Sample
Roster Sample
2015 Dues invoice for returning teams